Міжнародний музичний конкурс імені Вільгельма Стенгаммара

Дедлайн: 15/02/2024
Місце проведення: Норрчепінг, Швеція
Дисципліни: Спів
З: 07/06/2024 До: 13/06/2024
Обмеження за віком: до 34

Application rules:

1) The competition is open to singers of all nationalities born after January 1, 1989. The competition 2024 will not be open for singers from The Russian Federation.
2) Applicants for the competition, undertake to abide by the competition rules, the regulations on performance and the decisions of the Jury.
3) The application must be sent to WSIMC before February 15, 2024.

The applicants must use the official application form in the WSIMC website: www.stenhammarcompetition.se.
The completed application form must be sent on-line.

The following enclosures must be submitted for the application to be considered and approved:
A) One recent recording/video recording of good quality, max.10 min. – including one opera aria and one song/lied with piano accompaniment in two different languages.
B) Curriculum Vitae (CV) with the following: institutes and schools, specialist education, dates of diplomas, most important public appearances, any previous awards in international competitions.
C) One copy of an official passport
D) Two recent photos of good quality (Type of file .jpg or .png, size max. 5MB)
E) Paid fee for application, 120 Euro, makes the application valid. The fee shall be paid through Credit Card or PayPal before sending application.

If the number of participants must be restricted, a “pre-jury” will choose, on basis of the received application, documentation and voice recordings. Before April 15, 2024, the WSIMC office will inform all candidates, if they are accepted to participate in the WSIMC 2024. The application fee will not be repaid.

Some scores for the obligatory repertory by Wilhelm Stenhammar can be provided from the WSIMC homepage www.stenhammarcompetition.se under Competition 2024. Amendments of the repertoire, stated by the applicant, can be accepted up to May 1, 2024 and only by using the inlog, received at the application.

WSIMC will provide a professional accompanist. Each competitor is entitled to one rehearsal before the first round, and one rehearsal before the second round. The finalists will be entitled to one orchestral rehearsal the day before the final concert. Any additional rehearsals must be arranged and paid for, by the competitor. Each competitor is allowed to bring a pianist of his/her own but on own expenses.


A) 6 opera arias from different periods, at least two of these arias, number 1 and 2, must be chosen from the list of “obligatory repertoire”
B) 3 arias from oratorio, passion, mass, cantata or concert aria repertoire

C) 4 Lieder/songs in different styles
D) 1 piece by Wilhelm Stenhammar
At least three languages must be included in the repertoire.

Competition Program:

First round

Programme, chosen by the competitor, from his/her competition repertoire – at least one opera aria must be included, showing different styles, including at least two languages (min.10 –max.12 min).

Second round

The jury will choose the programme from the competitor’s competition programme (max 20 min). Here will the obligatory piece by Wilhelm Stenhammar will be performed. The first and the second round will be performed with piano accompaniment.


The jury will choose two opera arias from the competitor’s competition programme.
The final concert, will be accompanied by the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra (SON).


First prize: 150 000 SEK

Second prize: 60 000 SEK

Third prize: 50 000 SEK


Nader Abbassi, Conductor Cairo / Switzerland
Michael Cavanagh, Artistic Director / Sweden
Georges Delnon, Opera Director / Germany
Göran Gademan, Casting Coordinator / Sweden
Erki Pehk, Artistic Director, Conductor / Estonia
Paolo Pinamonti, Artistic Director / Italy
Karin Veres, Chairman of the jury, Assistant Artistic / Director WSIMC