7 Міжнародний фортепіанний конкурс Карловаць

Дедлайн: 15/05/2020
Місце проведення: Карловац, Хорватія
Дисципліни: Фортепіано
З: 08/07/2020 До: 09/07/2020
Обмеження за віком: 18 - 32

• The 7th Karlovac International Piano Competition will be held in Karlovac Music School (Karlovac, Croatia) from 8th of July (semi-final round) until 9th of July, 2020 (final round).

• The semi-final round will be held at Karlovac Music School recital hall, and the final round will take place in Zorin-dom Theatre, Karlovac.

• Competition is open to all pianists born between 1st of January 1982 and 31st of December 2002.

• Competition is open for all nationalities.

• Festival participants who are taking lessons with our faculty, and also wish to participate in the piano competition, are required to independently complete all competition application process.

• Competition-ONLY participants can observe all festival activities or may arrive/register right at the beginning of the competition. Since the semi-final round will start from the morning hours of July 8th, competitors who travel from abroad are advised to arrive to Karlovac by 7th of July, 2020.

• Piano tryout will be scheduled for the morning of July 8th (right before the beginning of semi-final) and potentially in the evening of July 7th. The exact times for performance, tryout, practicing, and warm-ups will be e-mailed to semi-finalists few days before the beginning of the competition.

• Application deadline for the competition is 15th of May, 2020. Applicants will receive a confirmation of their acceptance to the semi-final round latest by 1st of June, 2020. A maximum of approximately 15 pianists will be accepted to the semi-final. Applicants who are not accepted to the semi-final selection, will receive a registration fee reimbursement (lessened by the bank transfer fee). In case if applied candidate decides to cancel his/her participation in the competition, registration fee will be returned only if the organizer is informed on that matter no latter than 20th of May, 2020 (cancellation needs to be sent to karlovacpianofestival@gmail.com).

• The winners’ names will be announced and official prize-giving ceremony will be held on 9th of July, 2020, approx. 30 minutes after the conclusion of the Final Round. The jury’s decision is final, however, all the competitors are encouraged to speak with the jury members afterwards.

• The prizes will be deposited to the winners’ bank accounts no later then 10 days after the finals. No taxes will be accounted to the prize amount.


  • As part of pre-screening round, competition participants are required to send an un-edited video recording in minimum of 10 minutes. The video recording needs to be sent as an Internet link such as Youtube video, Dropbox link, or similar (you will be able to paste Internet link(s) in the competition application form bellow). You may provide us with two links if your pieces are recorded/posted separately. This recording selection should consist of 2 contrasting pieces. One of the works should be a bigger scale composition from standard piano literature (such as Chopin’s ballade, a single movement from Beethoven’s piano sonata…), and the other work should be of virtuosic character (such as Chopin’s etude, Liszt’s transcendental etude, Rachmaninoff’s Etude-tableaux…).
  • Deposit competition registration fee (click HERE for bank info):
    • 90 Euros (if you will be also participating in our summer piano school, the competition registration fee needs to be deposited regardless of your summer school registration fee)
  • Send a copy of deposit payment proof to karlovacpianofestival@gmail.com
  • Filled out competition application form (bellow)
  • A recent portrait photo of higher resolution (desirable formats: jpg., gif., png., pdf.), sent as an attachment to karlovacpianofestival@gmail.com
  • A copy of passport photo page (send it as attachment to karlovacpianofestival@gmail.com). This is not required for the citizens of the Republic of Croatia.
  • For a full consideration, all the above noted requirements should be received by 15th of May, 2020. If by some chance you don’t hear from us by May 15th, please contact us to check if your materials were received correctly.


Semi-final round:

  • 13-15 minutes of memorized performance
    • One virtuosic etude (by Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff…)
    • Additional piano work(s) of free choice. We strongly advise a selection from standard piano literature (written before 1940). Be concern that the total duration of the semi-final program does not exceeds 15 minutes – please include the exact timings within your program selection.
    • Optionally, contestants may choose to perform Erinnerung (Remembrance), Op.24 by Croatian composer Dora Pejačević (1885-1923). This part of program is not required, however, the competitor with the best performance of this work will receive a special prize. Click HERE to access the music sheet.
  • Competitors are allowed to perform works from their pre-screening selection
  • Approximately 4-5 pianists will advance to the final round

Final round

  • 20-22 minutes of memorized performance
    • The repertoire for the final round is free choice, however, competitors need to perform at least one larger work from the standard Romantic piano literature in minimum of 10 minutes. Major works from the early 20th century are also adequate (such as Russian composers, Impressionism, Spanish composers…) Single movement or few movements from a cyclic work is acceptable.
  • Competitors are not allowed to perform the works from the semi-final round
  • We advise you to choose your program as much as based on the regulations noted above. Your selection of pieces may possible affect your acceptance to the semi-final, as well as success during the competition itself. Please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts or questions on that matter.


  • First prize – 1.100 Euros
  • Second prize – 600 Euros
  • Third prize – 300 Euros

Audience award (Final round) – 100 Euros

Award for the best interpretation of the Croatian composer – 100 Euros

The First Prize winner will have an opportunity for a piano concerto performance with Karlovac Chamber Orchestra (Spring, 2021), and will receive paid travel expenses up to 300 Euros as well as accommodation for three days. The selection of piano concertos considered for this occasion will be announced after the completion of the competition.


• Anna Malikova, Lovre Marušić, Vladimir Viardo, Silvije Vidovic (jury president)