Kateryna Titova

Ukrainian pianist, performs as a soloist and in chamber ensembles.

In 2001 Kateryna moved to Germany where she had studied at music academies of Münster and Dresden.

She has won numerous awards at over 20 international competitions, such as the International Piano Competition “Alicia de Larrocha” (Andorra, 2002), the International Russian Music Piano Competition (USA, 2004), the Anton G. Rubinstein Piano Competition (Germany, 2005), the RNCM James Mottram International Piano Competition (UK, 2008), The Compositores de España International Piano Competition (Spain, 2013).

She has performed in Europe and the USA with a number of orchestras, in particular with the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra, the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, etc.

Kateryna Titova released her debut album featuring works by Rachmaninoff under the ˮSony Classicalˮ label.
She receives grant support from VERE MUSIC FUND.

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