21-й Міжнародний музичний конкурс принцеси Астрід

Дедлайн: 05/06/2020
Місце проведення: Тронгейм, Норвегія
Дисципліни: Cкрипка
З: 12/10/2020 До: 05/10/2020
Обмеження за віком: до 30


12-15 October still being a few months away, Trondheim Symfoniorkester & Opera is hoping to go through with Princess Astrid IMC 2020:VIOLIN as scheduled.

However, being deeply affected by this pandemic and with applications and preliminary round scheduled for this spring, we would like to announce some adjustments made to the application regulations.

To help prospective candidates affected by the Covid-19 outbreak we have decided on three measures:

The application fee of 50 EUR is reduced to 25 EUR. Recognizing that many prospective applicants will suffer financially as a result of this situation, we hope reducing the cost of applying for the competition will encourage and support possible applicants enough for them to continue their application process.

It is our hope that postponing the application deadline from May 15th to June 5th 08:00 (CET) will enable more candidates to produce the required application videos. Schools and universities all over the world are currently on lockdown, and will continue to be so for some time. Many students will for this reason have less or no access to teaching– and recording resources, which are crucial when applying for any competition.

Applicants are obliged to submit two application videos in accordance with the competition repertoire. As VIDEO 1 originally was to consist of the chosen Beethoven sonata for the first round (no 3, 4, or 8 ), applicants may now submit first movement of Mozart violin sonata no K378, K454, K481 or K526, instead of Beethoven. However, we still encourage applicants to submit one of the requested Beethoven sonatas if possible. There are no changes to VIDEO 2.

Go to https://www.tso.no/competition/application for repertoire list, rules and regulations and application information.

We would like to express our sincere sympathy to young musicians across the world, suffering from cancellations, sickness, isolation and other uncertainties in these difficult times. We encourage prospective candidates to continue to apply, and will do our utmost to help those in need of extra assistance in the application process.

In this very demanding situation, we hope that all of you can find strength in your musicmaking and that you continue to bring joy and support to your surroundings by sharing your music. In truth this is exactly the kind of talent that Princess Astrid IMC strives to enhance!

We aim to go through with the 2020 competition as planned, even if this will mean finding alternative and digital solutions. However, approaching the competition we will continuously monitor the global development of the Covid-19 outbreak, and make sure that all our decisions are in line with the current international guidelines.

Until then, stay safe and keep making wonderful music!

Trondheim Symfoniorkester & Opera invites talented violinists from all over the world to apply to enter the 21st Princess Astrid International Music Competition.

PERIOD: 12 – 15 OCTOBER 2020
AGE LIMIT: below 30
LOCATION: Trondheim, Norway
JURY LEADER: Julian Rachlin

1st prize: 160 000 NOK (16 000 EUR) and a soloist engagement with Trondheim Symfoniorkester & Opera.
2nd prize: 50 000 NOK
3rd prize: 25 000 NOK

In addition “Finn Audun Oftedal Memorial Scholarship” will be awarded best Norwegian candidate in the final rounds.

Princess Astrid International Music Competition is held biennially, disciplines alternating between violin and conducting. Trondheim Symfoniorkester & Opera is the organizer, and Her Highness Princess Astrid Mrs Ferner of Norway is patron of the competition. The competition is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture.

Åse Våg Aaknes, project manager


The candidate must give mandatory information such as name, date of birth, nationality, address and e-mail, as well as upload a CV, biography, artist picture and two application videos.

By submitting an application the candidate automatically agrees to the Rules and Regulations of Princess Astrid IMC 2020, and is obliged to follow these throughout the competition.

Application videos
The applicant must provide two video links in accordance with the repertoire requirements, and with accompaniment. The recording must not be more than two years old. The candidate must be clearly visible, filmed from the front and not from a far distance. Both sound and picture quality should be of a high standard. Edited videos are not allowed.

Application fee
A non-refundable application fee of 50 EUR is to be paid when submitting the application.

Pre selections – submitted video recording with accompaniment:

First movement of Beethoven sonata chosen for the first round.
First movement of violin concerto chosen for the final round.

1st round

• Choose one of the following Beethoven sonatas: – No. 3 in E-flat, Op.12 – No. 4 in A minor, Op. 23 – No. 8 in G, Op. 30 All repeats are to be played.
• Choose approximately 5 minutes of music from: J.S. Bach: Sonatas and Partitas
• TBA: Short contemporary piece

2nd round

The chosen works should have a total duration of approximately 30 minutes.

• Romantic sonata of own choice for violin and piano.
• Virtuoso solo piece/caprice (without accompaniment).

3rd round

• Choose between the violin concerto of Sibelius, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovskij, Brahms, and Elgar.
• Piece for violin and orchestra, or movement from a violin concerto, composed after 1920. Duration: 10-15 minutes.

The candidates shall prepare the whole romantic violin concerto. The jury will pick one or more movements from each finalist´s concerto to be performed at the final concert, along with the modern piece. Each candidate will play approximately 30 minutes in total.