56-й Міжнародний скрипковий конкурс Premio Paganini

Дедлайн: 31/05/2021
Місце проведення: Ґенуя, Італія
Дисципліни: Cкрипка
З: 14/10/2021 До: 24/10/2021
Обмеження за віком: 15-31


  • Deadline and recording

The deadline for this call is January 31, 2021

Entries received from the date of publication of this announcement will be accepted until 12.00 on 31 January 2021 (Italian time).

– recording takes place only and compulsorily online;

To register, the competitor must access the Prize website: www.premiopaganini.it

  1. b) Age

Violinists of any nationality can participate in the competition who:

– on the expiry date of the call, January 31, 2021, have reached the age of 15;

– on the final date of the final round of the Award, 24 October 2021, are less than 31 years of age

In any case, those who have exceeded the age limits to participate in the competition are excluded.

  1. c) Documents to be attached

– Completion of the registration form (FORM / MOD A)

– Short curriculum vitae compiled online using the appropriate form (FORM / MOD B); – Copy of passport or valid identity document;

– Two recent color photographs;

– Receipt of payment of the recording fee of € 100.00 made by bank transfer. The description must include the words: “56th edition of the Paganini International Violin Competition”. The sum of the transfer must be net of the expenses of both the sending and receiving banks.

– Recording of a video with the execution of the programme chosen for the pre-selection (see point 2 a);

– Signed and dated declaration of authenticity of the video recording sent for pre-selection;

  1. d) Coordinates for the payment / transfer of the recording fee CURRENT ACCOUNT N. 000100880807
    Banca UNICREDIT S.p.A.
    IBAN IT 08 T 02008 01459000100880807
    ABI: 02008 CAB: 01459 CIN: T BIC: UNCRITMM P.I. and C.F. 00856930102



  1. e) Right of admission without pre-selection

The following are directly admitted to the preliminary rounds of the Competition in Genoa, upon presentation of the registration form:

– the first, second and third prize winners of the last edition of violin competitions belonging to the World Federation of International Music Competitions in Geneva. Competitors must, in this case, attach written documentation certifying that.

– The finalists of the last two editions of the “Paganini Award” Competition

  1. f) General rules

The documentation attached to the application will not be returned

Incomplete applications will not be accepted, unless, by January 31st, the competitor completes the application.

– The examination of the documentation submitted by individual competitors for the purposes of admission to the competition is delegated to a specially designated examining commission chaired by the Secretary General.

– recording for the competition implies implicit acceptance:

of all the rules of the “Competition Regulations approved by C.C. 35/2012 “;

the decisions of the Examining Commission;

of the Jury, the Committee and the Artistic Director of the competition.

These decisions are final, under penalty of exclusion from the competition itself.


– The recording fee will not be returned or reimbursed under any circumstances, including cases of exclusion of the competitor for any reason, withdrawal from the competition by the competitor, or incorrect payment in favor of the Municipality of Genoa;

– In the event of failure or underpayment, the competitor must proceed with the payment of the outstanding sum to reach the recording fee of 100 euros, failure to do so will result in exclusion from the competition;

– Those who, after recording, no longer intend to participate in the competition are required to notify the secretariat of the competition in writing.

– Competitors will not be able to undertake professional commitments during the final rounds of the competition.

– Documents written in languages other than Italian, English or French must be accompanied by a translation into one of the languages indicated above.

In the event of complaints and disputes, only the Italian text of the competition notice is to be considered valid.


  1. a) Video for pre selection

At the time of recording, each candidate must provide a recording of a video of good audio

quality, containing all the pieces presented for pre-selection b) Pre-selection programme

Each candidate must record two Capricci by Niccolò Paganini and the first movement of a concert by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, according to the following specifications:

– Niccolò Paganini: two Capricci chosen by the competitor, taken from the 24 Capricci op. 1 for solo violin.

– Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: the first movement with the cadenza of a Concerto for violin and orchestra of the candidate’s choice (execution with piano accompaniment) from among the following:

Concerto in G major K V 216 Concerto in D major K V 218 Concerto in A major K V 219


  1. c) Video recording requirements for pre-selection

– Applicants must submit high quality unedited video recordings, which must be submitted online to a shareable online drive such as: Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive or other similar platform.

– The files must be saved in a folder and the access link to the folder must be indicated in the registration form FORM / MOD A

Video Specifications: FULL HD video Codec: H264 Container: mp4

Size: 1920 x 1080 px (1.0 pixel format) 25 fps progressive

AAC audio, 48 KHz 16 bit


– recordings must have been produced after 1/1/2020

– The candidate must be fully visible for the duration of each recording

– Videos must be recorded from an angle without any changes being made, and without video stops.

– The pieces must not have undergone any editing.

– The authenticity of the recording must be confirmed by the competitor signing in the appropriate section of the FORM / MOD A;

– The videos cannot be made public by the competitor under penalty of exclusion from the competition



  1. d) Admission to the subsequent rounds

– The recordings received will be selected by a jury identified by the Artistic Director of the Prize. No more than 32 candidates will be admitted to the next round of the competition which will take place in Genoa starting from 15th October 2021.

– At the end of the pre-selection rounds, an alphabetical letter will be drawn which will determine the order of execution of the competitors during the preliminary, semifinal and final rounds of the competition.

– The list of admitted candidates and the associated alphabetical letter will be published on the website www.premiopaganini.it by 30 April

– Admitted candidates will receive, at the e-mail address indicated in their registration form, notification of having passed the pre-selection test and communication of the alphabetical letter drawn. Attached to this communication they will also receive details of the contemporary work for the semifinal round.

  1. e) Hospitality

– Starting from the day before the first round and for as long as they remain in the competition, all competitors will enjoy free hospitality at the accommodation facilities selected by the Competition Secretariat and a daily meal voucher. All admitted competitors will be sent a form for booking accommodation.

– Hospitality expenses for any accompanying persons, including pianists, will be charged in full to the competitor.

– The admitted competitor and any accompanying pianist who needs to obtain a visa to enter Italy must indicate this on the registration form (FORM / MOD A). The Competition Secretariat will send an invitation letter. The procedures and related expenses for obtaining the visa will be borne by the competitor and any accompanying pianist. In any case, the Competition Secretariat is not responsible for failure to obtain a visa. Travel expenses are the sole responsibility of the competitor.



  2. a) Appeal

– Competitors admitted to the preliminary rounds must present themselves at the appeal at 10.00am on 15/10/2021 at Palazzo Tursi (seat of the Municipality of Genoa Via Garibaldi 9) in the “Salone di Rappresentanza” hall, with a valid identification document (passport or card identity).

– The order of performance of the competitors, selected according to the alphabetical letter drawn at the end of the preselection, will determine the order of execution of the competitors during the preliminary, semifinal and final rounds of the competition.

The absence at the time of the appeal, not motivated by force majeure, will result in exclusion from the Competition by the Examining Commission.

  1. b) Rounds

– The competition will take place from 16/10/2021 to 24/10/2021 and will be public.

The preliminary round will take place on 16th and 17th October 2021 in the “Salone di Rappresentanza” of Palazzo Tursi.

The semifinal performances, to which not more than 16 competitors will be admitted, will take place on 19th and 20th October 2021 at the Carlo Felice Theater in Genoa.

The final round, to which no more than 6 competitors will be admitted, will take place on 23rd and 24th October 2021 at the Carlo Felice Theater in Genoa.

– The official pianists for the competition will be available free of charge.

– Competitors may, at their own expense, use their own accompanying pianist.

– All rights relating to recordings and images (including transmission and reproduction rights, as well as any reproduction rights, including photographic, audio, video or web rights relating to the competition) belong to the Municipality of Genoa, which may use them without the obligation to recognize others any compensation.

– By participating in the competition, the competitors authorize audio and video recordings, radio, television and internet broadcasting, live streaming of the competition and the awarding of the winners, as well as any events connected with the Prize itself.



  1. c) Programme

The candidate must record:


1) Niccolò Paganini: two Capricci chosen by the competitor, taken from the 24 Capricci op. 1, M.S. 25 for solo violin.

2) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: the first movement with cadenza of a Concerto for violin and orchestra of the candidate’s choice (execution with piano accompaniment) from among the following:

Concerto in G major K V 216 Concerto in D major K V 218 Concerto in A major K V 219


The elimination round that will take place in Genoa at Palazzo Tursi on 16th and 17th October 2021, the competitors will perform (approximately 20″ duration):

1) Johann Sebastian Bach: Two movements of a contrasting character from one of the Six Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin BWV 1001- BWV 1006.

Competitors must perform the two movements of the Sonata or Partita according to the Urtext G. Henle Verlag edition

2) Niccolò Paganini: Three Capricci chosen by the competitor, from the 24 Capricci op. 1, M.S. 25 for solo violin, different from those performed in the video for the preliminary rehearsals



The semifinal round will take place in Genoa at the Carlo Felice Theater on 19th and 20th October 2021 the competitors will perform (duration about 55″ approximately):

1) A sonata for violin and piano by Johannes Brahms chosen from Op. 78, 100, 108. 2) A virtuoso composition for violin and piano chosen from the following:

  1. Chausson: Poème op. 25
  2. de Sarasate: Zigeunerweisen op. 20 opp. Carmen Fantasy op. 25
  3. Ravel: Tzigane
  4. Saint Saëns: Introduction and Rondò Capriccioso op. 28; Havanaise op. 83
  5. Vieuxtemps: Caprice Hommage à Paganini op. 9 opp. Ballade et Polonaise op. 38 H. Wieniawsky: Polonaise in D major op. 4 opp Thème Original Varié op. 15
  6. Bazzini: Ronde des Lutins
  7. Milstein: Paganiniana

3) Niccolò Paganini Three Capricci from the 24 Capricci op. 1 (different from those chosen for the preliminary and elimination rounds)

4) The piece for solo violin commissioned by the Competition to a living composer




The final round will take place in Genoa at the Carlo Felice Theater on 23rd and 24th October 2021, the competitor must perform:

1) A Concerto for violin and orchestra chosen by the competitor from among the following:

– L. van Beethoven: Concerto in D major op. 61 – J. Brahms: Conceto in D major op. 77

– J. Sibelius: Concerto in D minor op. 47

– P. Tchaikowsky: Concerto in D major op. 35

2) The Concerto n. 1 in D major op. 6 M.S. 21 by Niccolò Paganini

  1. B.: The entire programme of the Competition must be performed by the competitor from memory, with the exception of the Johannes Brahms Sonata and the contemporary piece.
  2. d) Jury

– The Jury will be composed of internationally renowned individuals chosen from among violinists, composers, conductors, representatives of musical institutions, music critics of different nationalities, professionals recognized for their experience, competence, integrity, impartiality and honesty of judgment. The names of the members of the Jury, the majority of whom will not be of Italian nationality, will be announced after the deadline for submitting applications.


– Individuals who have kinship (up to the 4th degree) or relationship with one or more competitors cannot be part of the International Jury of the Competition.

– The members of the jury who have or have had in the two years preceding the start of the competition public or private educational relationships with one or more competitors, must refrain from participating in the discussion and from expressing a vote on the examination of those competitors .

This abstention will be explicitly mentioned in the minutes of the commission. In compliance with this in the act of inauguration of the Jury, each member will issue a declaration on their personal situation regarding the competitors.

– Not more tham sixteen competitors will be admitted to the semifinals, the choice of a maximum of six competitors who will be admitted to the final round and the final ranking will be established by the Jury with their conclusive judgment, pronounced by an absolute majority with an open vote.

– The Jury, at its discretion, may decide to have only part of the compositions provided for in the programme performed and has the right to interrupt the performance of the candidate at any time it deems appropriate. In order to ensure the smooth running of the round, the Jury also has the right to interrupt the performance of the candidate at any time, where, for technical reasons or for other reasons not attributable to the competitor, the round cannot continue as planned.

– In any case, it is up to the President of the Jury, in agreement with the Organizing Committee of the Paganini Award, to decide to any problem that occurs during the course of the competition and is not explicitly contemplated in these regulations. The President’s decision is final.

Competitors, while they are participating in the competition, are absolutely forbidden to contact members of the Jury.

– At the end of the preliminary rounds and the semifinals, the Jury meets to express an opinion on each competitor. A ranking is drawn up based on the number of favorable votes cast by the jurors for each candidate (ADMITTED – NOT ADMITTED). The jurors, in the evaluation of the respective performances will also take into account the performances of the candidate in the previous rounds, in order to be able to give a complete judgment of the competitor’s performance.

– Respectively after the preliminary and semifinal rounds it is customary for the jurors to meet the excluded candidates to comment on their performance.

– The First and Second Prizes are indivisible and, at the discretion of the Jury, may not be assigned. The 3rd prize can be awarded “ex aequo”.



The Jury will also express its judgment for the awarding of special prizes.

  2. a) Prizes for the finalists

1st Prize “Paganini Prize” 2nd Prize

3rd Prize

€ 30,000.00 € 20,000.00 € 10,000.00

The remaining finalist competitors will each be awarded a sum of € 1,500.00.

Participants who, after the completion of the “Paganini” competition, have obtained results that do not correspond to the official ranking of the competition itself, will be excluded from subsequent editions and their name will be communicated, for eventual further sanction, to the World Federation of International Competitions of Geneva music.

  1. b) Concerts – offered to the winner of the Paganini Prize

– The winner of the first prize, the “Paganini Prize”, will be invited to play the Guarneri del Gesù 1743 violin, “Cannone”, which belonged to Paganini;

– the Paganini Prize Secretariat will publish on the Prize website (www.premiopaganini.it) by 15th December 2020 the list of musical institutions that will offer concerts to the winner.

  1. c) Other prizes

– The winner of the Paganini Prize will additionally be offered a contract from the Shanghai Utopia Media Agency for representation in China from 1st November 2021 to 30th October 2023



Each finalist will receive a thematic catalog of Paganini’s works, offered by Musica con le Ali and the Municipality of Genoa.

Each finalist will receive the “Paganini Complete Edition” package (40 cd box) offered by Dynamic.

  1. d) Special prizes

The following Special Prizes will also be awarded, disbursed by subjects other than the Municipality of Genoa, which therefore remains extraneous to the methods and procedures for payment of the prizes themselves.

– € 5,000 Prize in memory of Mr. Stefano Fiorilla offered by his wife Giovanna Barone Fiorilla to the finalist competitor for the best performance of the Paganini Concerto

– € 2,000 Prize in memory of Dr. Enrico Costa offered by the Costa family to the youngest competitor admitted to the final

– € 2,000 Award of the “Amici di Paganini” Association to the competitor who obtained the greatest recognition from the public in the final

– € 1,600 Award in memory of Maestro Ruminelli offered by the Ruminelli family to the semifinalist competitor for the best performance of the contemporary piece performed in the semifinal rounds

– € 1,000 Award in memory of Renato and Mariangiola De Barbieri offered by the cultural and charitable association Renato and Mariangiola De Barbieri to the Italian finalist competitor for the best interpretation of Paganini’s Capricci

More http://www.premiopaganini.it/en/content/regulations2021