International Violin Competition Henri Marteau

Дедлайн: 07/02/2023
Місце проведення: Ліхтенберг, Німеччина
Дисципліни: Cкрипка
З: 23/04/2023 До: 06/05/2023

The International Violin Competition Henri Marteau takes place every three years at the Haus Marteau in Lichtenberg and the Freiheitshalle in Hof. Founded in 2002 by the Freundeskreis der Musikbegegnungsstätte Haus Marteau e.V., the District of Upper Franconia took over the responsibility for the competition in 2007. The Hofer Symphoniker are responsible for the artistic and general coordination.

Application rules:

Students of our competitions jury members are not eligible to participate. A student is someone who received tuition from a jury member between October 2022 and April 2023 or prior to the competition for a period exceeding six months. Violinists who participate in a master class held by a jury member between January 2023 and April 2023 are also not eligible to participate in the competition.

Persons who have been/are related to one of the jury members are excluded from participation.

Please prepare the following documents before application:

– A copy of the passport (with translation if necessary)
– A CV with detailed information on your musical education and development, the names of all your teachers, information on participations in competitions, concerts and recitals and prizes awarded.
– Documents which support the information in the CV
– A high gloss photograph (JPEG or TIFF file, at least 300 dpi)
– A copy of the transfer voucher confirming the payment of the registration fee

Online application:

Application fee:

Fee: € 120

The fee includes the scores and delivery charges of the commissioned work and the piece by Marteau. The registration fee has to be transferred to the following account:

Hofer Symphoniker gGmbH
IBAN: DE85 7805 0000 0380 0233 33
Bank: Sparkasse Hochfranken, Schillerstr. 3, 95100 Selb, Germany
Please specify: Henri Marteau Competition, Surname, Firstname
Distribition of charges: Sender pays all costs – option: OUR

Payment by bank transfer to be made in EURO only (all costs to be borne by sender, if this is not the case, additional payment is to be made in cash on arrival)

Please also indicate your name. The registration is only valid with the transfer voucher included. In case of withdrawal, the registration fee will not be refunded.

With the online application the candidate (in case of an underage applicant his / her legal agent) accepts the rules of the competition. In case of doubt, the German text is legally binding. Legal jurisdiction: Hof, Germany.


First prize: 10000 EUR
Second prize: 7500 EUR
Third prize: 5000 EUR


First round

Johann Sebastian Bach
3rd and 4th movement of a sonata for violin solo, without repeats

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
1st movement and cadenza
by Henri Marteau of
• Concerto G Major, KV 216 or
• Concerto D Major, KV 218 or
• Concerto A Major, KV 219
(Cadenzas KV 216 und KV 218
will be sent to candidates by the
competition office, cadenza KV 219
see Edition Peters Nr. 2193a)

Niccolò Paganini
One Capriccio from: 24 Capricci for violin solo op. 1

Second round (45-50 min)

All candidates are expected to approach their performance as a concert.
The chosen repertoire must include the following pieces:

  • Henri Marteau: Caprice No. 1 „Improvisation“ from: 24 Caprices for violin and piano op. 25
    • Ludwig van Beethoven: 1st movement of a sonata for piano and violin
    • Max Reger: one prelude from: Preludes and Fugues for violin solo op. 117
    • The commissioned work for violin solo by Xiaogang Ye, China
    • A virtuoso piece – to be selected from this list –

The recital can be completed with one or more pieces the candidate can choose freely.
The candidate can choose freely the order of the repertoire.
Not allowed are: Bach-compositions and pieces composed by the competitor.
The scores for Marteau and Ye will be sent by the competition office immediately after registration.
The candidate has to indicate the duration of the pieces.

Final round with orchestra

Orchestra: Hofer Symphoniker
Conductor: Christoph-Mathias Mueller

One of the following concertos for violin and orchestra:

Ludwig van Beethoven
Concerto D Major, Op. 61

Johannes Brahms
Concerto D Major, Op. 77

Antonin Dvorák
Concerto A Minor, Op. 53

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Concerto E Minor, Op. 64

Niccolò Paganini
Concerto No. 1 D Major, Op. 6

Sergei Prokofiev
Concerto No. 1 D Major, Op. 19

Camille Saint-Saëns
Concerto No. 3 B Minor, Op. 61

Jean Sibelius
Concerto D Minor, Op. 47

Pjotr Iljitsch Tchaikowsky
Concerto D Major, Op. 35