The Viotti International Voice Competition 2022

Дедлайн: 24/07/2022
Місце проведення: Верчеллі, Італія
Дисципліни: Опера
З: 08/10/2022 До: 16/10/2022

The Viotti International Voice Competition of Vercelli is one of the most important singing competitions in the world. The Competition is known for its high level and prestigious jury and many of its prizewinners have reached the highest levels of their artistic careers.

The Viotti Competition Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the 72nd edition of the competition from October 8 to 15, 2022.
Moment of great artistic and cultural vitality for the city, the Viotti offers a rich program, with all stages of the event at the Civic Theatre of Vercelli and many related initiatives promoted in partnership with the City of Vercelli and the University of Eastern Piedmont. The Viotti Competition will welcome in Vercelli many artists from all over the world who will have passed the pre-selection phase in the summer. Opera, but also the great Oratorios, Lieder and art songs are part of the musical program. The Final of the Viotti Competition will take place with orchestra.

The audience will be able to attend a great show, unique in its kind, and live an exciting experience: an opera concert characterized by the variety of arias taken from the most loved and known operas, interpreted by emerging singers, animated by the enthusiasm and the responsibility of facing an unrepeatable moment in the career that is opening.

Application rules:

Singers of all nationalities born after October 15, 1991 (women) and born after October 15, 1989 (men) are eligible for the 72nd Gian Battista Viotti International Music Competition 2022.

Candidates can apply for the Viotti Competition by application online. They only need to register to the Viotti Music Competition internet site and they will receive an email confirming the successful registration and containing a link to their personal page. Here the candidates can fill in the application form and attach documents and files.

The application form must be sent together with:
1. The application form filled in all its parts;
2. A copy of the applicant’s passport or equivalent document that contains their name, nationality and birthday (upload formats: .jpeg or .pdf);
3. A curriculum vitae written in Italian or English in discursive form (max. 800 characters; please do not use accented letters in the online data field) containing details of musical and artistic education, performances and prizes won at other Competitions (upload formats: doc, docx, txt, .pdf);
4. One or more recent artistic photographs free of copyright (upload formats .jpeg files 300 dpi, longest side 10 cm);
5. The musical program for the competition including: author, title of the Opera, title of the Aria, act;
6. The digital recording for the preliminary selection;
7. The entrance fee.

Participation fee:

The entrance fee for the Competition, amounting to EUR 100, must be paid by bank transfer (all bank charges shall be borne by the applicant) to:

Agenzia 1 di Vercelli
Piazza Zumaglini 16 – 13100 VERCELLI (Italia)
IBAN: IT03T0608510009000010500915

Very important: in the case of bank transfer from abroad, at the time of transfer, you must indicate in addition to the IBAN code also the BIC code.

* The applicants shall send to the Competition’s Office a copy of the proof of payment of the application fee. Failure to enclose such a receipt will invalidate the application. Under no circumstances will entrance fee be refunded.

Those candidates whose application form is incomplete and whose entrance fee is unpaid within the set time limit should not be allowed to compete.


First prize: € 10,000.00
Second prize: € 6,000.00
Third prize: € 4,000.00
Audience award: € 1,000.00


Candidates must present a program consisting of opera arias, and, at their discretion, oratorio arias, Lieder or art songs, for a total duration of 33 to approximately 50 minutes of music.
Opera pieces must be performed in their original language and key.
All opera and concert arias must be performed from memory.

First round:
Performance time: minimum 8 minutes – maximum 12 minutes.
In the First round, candidates will perform a program of their choice lasting a maximum of 12 minutes. At least one of the pieces must be an opera aria. Each candidate will choose the order of performance of the different works in his/her program.

Semifinal round:
Performance duration: minimum 10 minutes – maximum 15 minutes.
A recital program of the candidate’s choice lasting no longer than 15 minutes, consisting of pieces other than those performed in the first round. The recital program cannot contain more than two pieces by the same author. At least one of the pieces must be an opera aria.
Each candidate will choose the order of performance of the different works in his/her program.

In the final with orchestra, candidates will sing a program of approximately 15-20 minutes of music, chosen by the jury from the submitted program, including at least two opera arias. A candidate may not perform more than two pieces by the same author.
The jury will choose the order of performance of the final program.
Applicants must attach to their application a copy of the first and last page of each of the works to be performed in the finals. They should also clearly indicate any cuts they wish to make.