International Competition for young violinist ‘Il Picollo violino magico’

Дедлайн: 15/04/2019
Місце проведення: Порденоне, Італія
Дисципліни: Cкрипка
З: 03/07/2019 До: 07/07/2019
Обмеження за віком: 9-13

Reserved to: violinists from all over the world, aged 9 to 13 years old (at the date of 3 July 2019).

Deadline for reception of application, documents and videos: 15 April 2019

Application fee: € 100 (not refundable)

Pre-selection: It be held by a special commission which will view the video sent by the candidates.

Total number of candidates admitted to the Competition: 15

Competition venue: Auditorium Comunale – San Vito al Tagliamento (Pordenone, Italy)

Dates: 3 – 7 July 2019

Competitors chosen for the Final: 5

Date of the final concert and awards ceremony: 7 July 2019

For further information please contact:


1° Prize: a scholarship worth € 5.000
2° Prize: a scholarship worth € 3.000
3° Prize: a scholarship worth € 2.000
4° Prize: a scholarship worth € 1.500
5° Prize: a scholarship worth € 1.000

SPECIAL PRIZES: Further special prizes will be announced



1. The pre-selection round will take place after 15 April 2019. The jury, composed by musicians
and teachers, co-ordinated by Pavel Vernikov and Domenico Mason, will evaluate applicants’
performances by examining the videos sent by the candidates.

2. The videos should be sent on youtube, vimeo etc. (public or private way)

3. Repertoire required for the PRE-SELECTION round:

a. two violin Studies or Caprices for Solo Violin (such as J.P. Rode, F. Fiorillo, J. Dont, R. Kreutzer, N. Paganini, H Wieniawski, H.Vieuxtemps or others).
b. one virtuoso piece for violin and piano (maximum duration 12 minutes) to be chosen from the candidate.

4. Once the jury will have evaluated all the recorded performances, it will select the final competitors, who will be contacted by 30 April 2019.


5. The final round, which is organized into three Rounds, will take place in San Vito al Tagliamento (Pordenone) from 3 to 7 July 2019. The jury will be chaired by Pavel Vernikov and composed by musicians of international prestige.

6. During the first two Rounds of the final, the competitors will be accompanied by the Accademia d’Archi Arrigoni.

7. All the pieces for the first and the second round of the final are to be played by heart, except for the 3rd movement of J. S. Bach Concerto in d minor (see point 8, letter c).

8. Repertoire for the FIRST ROUND (Violin and String Orchestra)

a. One concerto for violin and orchestra, to be chosen from the following works:• A. Vivaldi “La Primavera” (op. 8, no.1)
• A. Vivaldi “L’Estate” (op.8, no.2)
• A. Vivaldi “L’Autunno” (op. 8, no.3)
• A. Vivaldi “L’Inverno” (op. 8, no.4)

b. One composition for violin and strings orchestra, to be chosen from the following works:
• F.Kreisler – Variations on a theme by Corelli.
• P. de Sarasate – Zigeunerweisen.
• C. Saint Saens – Introduction and Rondò Capriccioso.
• H. Wieniawski – Variations on Themes from Faust op. 20.

c. J.S. Bach – D minor Concerto BWV 1043 for two violins, strings and b.c. – 3rd movement
Note: Candidates will play the first solo-violin part, while the second solo part will be performed by a member of the jury.

9. Repertoire for the SECOND ROUND (Violin and String Orchestra):

a. The First Movement of F. Mendelssohn concerto for violin and strings in D minor.

b. One “cantabile” piece for violin (with a string orchestra arrangement), to be chosen from the
following works:
• J. Massenet “Meditation” from Thais
• N. Paganini “Cantabile” op. 17

c. Solo Violin “Encore” – A solo violin piece free-chosen by the candidate (max. duration 5 min.)

10. At the end of the first and second round, the jury will choose the five violinists who will take part to
the FINAL.
 To the competitors not admitted to the final round, the Accademia d’Archi Arrigoni will offer
the opportunity to attend a free violin masterclass, run by celebrated teachers on 6 July 2019.

11. During the FINAL ROUND, the competitors will be accompanied by the “Mitteleuropa Orchestra”
and they will perform:

a. The First Movement of W. A. Mozart concerto for violin and orchestra to be chosen from the
• Concerto Kv 207 no. 1 in B flat.
• Concerto Kv 216 no. 3 in G Major.
• Concerto Kv 218 no. 4 in D Major.

b. The First Movement of one of the following romantic concertos, as preferred:
• F. Mendelssohn – Violin Concerto in e minor, op.64
• M. Bruch – Violin – Concerto n.1 in g minor, op.26
• H. Wieniawski – Violin Concerto no.2 in d minor, op.22
• C.Saint-Saëns – Violin Concerto n.3 in b minor, op.61
• H. Vieuxtemps – Violin Concerto n. 5 in a minor, op. 37


The 1st prize winners of the previous editions will not be allowed to participate.
• The admitted candidates must confirm their participation by 5th May 2019 sending an e-mail to
• Candidates are not allowed to change to the program submitted.
• All the competitors must attend the events organized during the days of the Competition.

• The winners of the competition are due to perform at one or more concerts of Accademia d’Archi Arrigoni’s winter season 2019/20.
• Documents requested: see application form on
• The Direction reserves the right to record, use and own the images of the Competition. Moreover, it has the exclusive right to share the information about candidates for promotional purpose.
• Jury’s decisions are final and irrevocable.
• The organization provides host family accommodation for the competitor and one adult companion, if requested.

For further informations:
Contacts: N.B The information above are updated at the time of publication. Details may be subject to change.

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