Queen Sonja International Music Competition

Дедлайн: 01/04/2019
Місце проведення: Осло, Норвегія
Дисципліни: Спів
З: 13/08/2019 До: 23/08/2019
Обмеження за віком: до 33

The Queen Sonja International Music Competition is one of the world’s leading voice competitions. It takes place every second year in Oslo, and is open for singers from all over the world. The main goal of the Competition is to assist the career development of talented young singers. It also acts as a bridge builder between the Norwegian and international music scenes.

The Competition’s institutional partners include The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet, the Norwegian Academy of Music, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and The Royal Court. 

All singers under the age of 33 may apply to take part. Several participants for each competition are also nominated by the Competition’s collaborating opera academies. Through several rounds, a jury consisting of internationally renowned opera directors, singers and casting associates from some of the world’s top opera houses judge the participants’ efforts. Each competition culminates in a grand final concert and prize-giving ceremony with H.M. Queen Sonja.

The next competition will take place 13 – 23 August 2019.

Applications for the 2019 Competition will open 15 February 2019, with a deadline of 1 April.

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Application procedure

All applicants must apply using the electronic application form made available via our website once applications open. The next round of applications will begin in early 2019.

The application must include video footage of two self-chosen operatic arias of contrasting styles. Attention should be paid to sound and picture quality. The combined recordings should be a maximum of 10 minutes long. Additionally applicants must provide a repertoire list consisting of 10 works, a copy of their passport, an updated CV and a digital photo.

Competition rules

The Competition is open to all singers up to 32 years of age. Singers of all nationalities born after January 1st 1987 are eligible to apply for the 2019 Competition.A screening jury evaluates all applications based on the submitted footage. Successful applicants from the latest round will be notified in April/May 2019.Candidates participating in the 2019 Competition must be present in Oslo for registration on the 13th of August 2019. Registration closes at 16:00. Participants must be available to participate in all stages of the Competition up to and including the 23rd of August 2019.All candidates will draw a number at registration, which will determine the order of performance.Participating candidates will be provided with free hotel accommodation in Oslo for as long as they remain in the Competition.Piano accompanists will be provided by the Competition for the preliminary round and semifinal. Candidates are free to bring their own accompanists if they prefer.

Up to 12 candidates in total may be nominated by the Competition’s participating opera academies. These candidates will be admitted directly to the preliminary rounds in Oslo.

To achieve a good geographical spread amongst the contestants, no more than four candidates of any one nationality will be admitted to the preliminary rounds. This does not include any candidates nominated by the Competition’s participating opera academies.

All rounds of the Competition in Oslo are open to the public.

Practical information


Participating candidates will be provided with free hotel accommodation in Oslo for as long as they remain in the Competition.


Candidates must book and pay for their own travel to and from Oslo.

Practice facilities

Practice rooms are available free of charge to participants at the Norwegian Academy of Music.


The Competition will provide experienced accompanists for all participants in the preliminary and semifinal rounds of the Competition. Participants who wish to use their own accompanist may do so.


The Queen Sonja International Music Competition reserves the exclusive right to make sound and video recording as well as photographic documentation of the competition, and owns all the rights for this material. Any income arising from such material will be retained by the Competition.


The entrance fee is €90.
Successful candidates who are invited to Oslo will be required to confirm their acceptance by transferring €200 to the Competition’s bank account. The applicant will be accepted officially as a contestant when the Competition receives this fee.
€100 will be returned to candidates upon registration in Oslo.

Repertoire requirements

Candidates are invited to compile their own individual list of arias and art songs/lieder to be performed in the competition.

Each applicant’s choice of work for the preliminary rounds and semifinal must be submitted with the application form. The pieces presented in these two rounds cannot be the same.


The repertoire list must consist of six opera/oratorio arias, two of which may be from oratorios/sacred works. Consideration should be given to present arias in contrasting styles.

Art songs/lieder

The repertoire list must also include four works from the category lieder/art song (for example German Lied, French chanson, Italian canzona, English song, American art song, Nordic romances etc.)

Candidates are encouraged to include Norwegian music amongst their choices. The Competition has prepared a representative list of suggestions of works by Norwegian composers, which you can find here.

Candidates are also encouraged to include work by living composers.

General requirements

Opera arias and oratorio/sacred music works must be performed in the original key and, where possible, in their original language. Art songs/lieder must be performed in their original language, but may be sung in different keys. Works to be performed in the preliminary round and semifinal must be specified in the application form. Please note that you cannot perform the same works in the preliminary and the semifinal rounds. All rounds of the competition in Oslo are open to the public.

Rounds and repertoire

Screening audition

A screening jury evaluates all valid applications on the basis of submitted video footage. The repertoire must include two operatic arias, indicated on the application form. The arias may, but do not have to, be part of the competition repertoire. They must be of contrasting styles and performed with piano or orchestral accompaniment. Total playing time should not exceed 10 minutes.

Preliminary rounds

40 candidates are invited to Oslo to take part in the preliminary rounds. The repertoire consists of a self-chosen operatic/oratorio aria and a self-chosen art song/lied from your repertoire list. Total performance time should not exceed 12 minutes. The pieces are to be performed with piano accompaniment.


12 candidates will be admitted to the semifinal. The repertoire consists of four works from the contestant’s submitted list of arias and art songs/lieder. One or two of the pieces must be operatic/oratorio arias, and two or three of the pieces must be art songs/lieder. If you have included Norwegian songs and/or contemporary music in your repertoire, these should be performed in the semifinal. Total performance time per contestant should not exceed 20 minutes. The pieces are to be performed with piano accompaniment.


5 candidates will be admitted to the final. Each finalist performs two arias. One aria can be an oratorio aria. The arias are chosen by the jury from the contestant’s list of works. The finalists will be informed of their repertoire for the final round after completing the semifinal. The pieces are performed with The Norwegian National Opera Orchestra. The final concert is held at The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet, Main House.

The preliminary and semifinal rounds will also be streamed online.

Works by Norwegian composers

This list contains a selection of Norwegian song repertoire originating from circa 1850 – 2010. Applicants are of course free to choose other Norwegian repertoire not included in this list.

The original voices are referred to in parenthesis, but several of these works can also be found in transposed versions. Applicants can also transpose songs to a suitable key for them. Transposed musical notes must be mailed to the Competition’s administration.Musical notes can be ordered from the Publisher. If the Publisher is NB noter, you may order them directly from their digital catalogue or by e-mail: noter@nb.no.Several of the works listed below appear in collections. These editions are mentioned after the reportoire suggestions for each composer.The reportoire list has been compiled by Siri Torjesen and Svein Bjørkøy, Oslo 2010.

Repertoire list

Halfdan Kjerulf (1815 – 1868)   

Sanger fra samlede verker bind 1 og 2

Veiviseren synger (baritone)
Waldabendlust (baritone/tenor)
Vidste du Vei (sopran / tenor)
Täuschung (tenor/baritone)
Lokkende Toner (soprano/tenor)
Treibe nur mit Lieben Spott (soprano/tenor)
Ich fuhr über Meer (baritone/bass)
Murmelndes Lüftchen (soprano/tenor)
Des Mondes Silber rinnt (mezzo/baritone)
Höchstes Leben (soprano/tenor)
Synnøves Sang (soprano/mezzo)
L`attent  (soprano/mezzo)
Venevil  (soprano/mezzo)
Der Einsedler (bassbaritone)
O, vidste du bare! (mezzo)
Dulgt Kjærlighed (mezzo/baritone)
Saknaden (baritone)
Das Schiff (baritone)

Halfdan Kjerulf: Samlede verker, Romanser bind 1 og 2
Musikk-Huset a/s, Oslo, 1977 

Edvard Grieg (1843 – 1907)    

Fire digt fra “Fiskerjenten” af Bjørnson, op. 2, (soprano) (C.F. Peters)

Det første møde
God morgen
Jeg giver mitt digt til våren
Takk for dit råd

Sex Digte af Henrik Ibsen, op.25 (all voices) (C.F. Peters)

En svane
Med en vandlilje
En fuglevise

Tolv melodier til Digte af A.O. Vinje, op. 33 (all voices) (C.F.Peters)

Den Særde
Langs ei Å
Eit Syn
Gamle Mor
Det første
Ved Rondane
Et Vennestykke

Sechs Lieder, op. 48 (all voices) (C.F.Peters)

Dereinst, Gedanke mein
Lauf der Welt
Die verschwiegene Nachtigall
Zur Rosenzeit
Ein Traum

Digte af Vilhelm Krag, op.60 (mezzo/baritone) (C.F.Peters)

Liden Kirsten
Moderen synger
Mens jeg venter
Der skreg en Fugl
Og  jeg vil ha meg en Hjertenskjær

”Haugtussa”. Sang-Cyklus af Arne Garborg, op. 67 (mezzo/soprano) (C.F.Peters)

Det syng
Vond Dag
Ved Gjætle-Bekken

Edvard Grieg: Sämtliche Lieder/Samtlige romanser Band/Bind I und/og II C.F. Peters, Leipzig, 2001

Christian Sinding (1856 – 1941)

Majnat (op.22,3) (mezzo, baritone)
Jeg bærer den Hat,som jeg vil (op4,1) (baritone)
Rav (op.19,2) (mezzo/baritone)
Jeg Havde mig en Hjertensskær (op.19) (baritone)
I Seraillets Have (op.17,4) (mezzo/baritone)
Ein Weib (op.11,5) (mezzo/soprano)

Christian Sinding: 50 sanger (utvalg), Norsk Musikkforlag, Oslo, 1978

Eyvind Alnæs (1872 – 1932)  

Fünf Gesänge, op 5 (high baritone/mezzo)

An eine Nachtigall
Ein Jüngling liebt ein Mädchen
Was will die einsame Träne
Der erste Psalm

3 SANGE, op 17, (mezzo, baritone)

Der du gjekk fyre
Sidste Reis

Tre Sange, op.26, (mezzo, baritone)

Lykken mellom to mennesker
Nu brister i alle de kløfter
En morgen var din grav

Februarmorgen ved Golfen, op 28,3

Ved Syrintid, op. 30,2 (high voice)

En visa till Karin, op. 35,1 (baritone, tenor)

De hundrede violiner, op42,2 (mezzo, baritone)

Fartein Valen (1887-1952) 

Ave Maria, op.4 (soprano)

Norsk Musikkforlag, Oslo

Gedichte von Goethe, op.6 (soprano/tenor)

Weiss wie Lilien

Norsk Musikkforlag a/s   

David Monrad–Johansen (1888-1974) 

Syv sange op.6 (sopran, mezzo, baryton)


Den varande fugl
Nordan for Thrandheim
Um morgonen
I Ulaavadi
Reven og bonden
I Vaagelidan

Norsk Musikkforlag a/s   

Ludvig Irgens–Jensen (1894-1969)  

Japanischer Frühling, (soprano/tenor)

Publisher: NB noter
Text H. Betghe
Translations of Japanese poetry

Der Blütenzweig
Die Weide im Wind
An einen Freund
Der Liebeslaut
Nichts leiter
Dauer im Wechsel

Ballade (Arnulf Øverland)


Ludvig Irgens-Jensen: Sangalbum (17 sanger)Norsk Musikkforlag a/s, Oslo, 2002

Eivind Groven (1901-77)

Annen nat på Hospitalet

På hospitalet om Natten

Norsk Musikforlag a/s

Edvard Fliflet Bræin (1924-76)  

Annes arie from Anne Pedersdotter (soprano)

Knut Nystedt (1915-2014)  

Seks sonetter op. 38, mezzo, baryton

Text André Bjerke

Tingenes lengsel
Den lille skjevhet
Løven gjesper
Et levd ansikt
Hva lykken er

Norsk Musikkforlag, Oslo, 1974

Øistein Sommerfeldt (1919-94)  

From Kathleen Raine’s poetry, op 55 (soprano/tenor)

Amo ergo sum
Love Poem

Norsk Musikkforlag a/s, Oslo, 1986

Johan Kvandal (1919-99)    

Norske stevtoner (sopran0, mezzo, baritone)

Mine visur
Då eg va liti
Eg var meg ut på Gladheimsberg
Hjuringvise og lokk
Å hugen min
Å her møter mangt
Då eg var lit og sprang utivi
Sjugurd og kjerringi
Å med soli kan eg
Guten og jenta

Musikk-Huset A/S, Oslo, 1977

To Frøding-sanger (sopran)

Norsk Musikkforlag a/s, Oslo, 1977 

Finn Mortensen (1922-83) 

Greners tyngde (sopran/mezzo)

Norsk Musikkforlag a/s, Oslo, 1984 

Antonio Bibalo (1922-2008)


Oversettelse til et barn
Publisher: Pizzicato  

Egil Hovland (1924-2013)   

Sanger, op.34 (different voices)
Publisher: NB noter 

Voggesong til Siri (bar.), text Jacob Sande
Juli, text Torvald Tu
August, text Idar Handagard
November, text Anders Hovden
Jeg vil hjem, text Arnulf Øverland

Magne Hegdal (1944-)  

Make Believe Rag for (dancing) soprano

Publisher: NB noter

Eine zärtliche Ode, baritone

Text W.A. Mozart
Publisher: NB noter

Bernt Kasberg Evensen (1944-)


Du fragst…
Ich habe Brot gekauft
Wenn ich dich verstehen will…
Ein Augenblick der Geduld….
Seit ich dich liebe…
Komm noch nicht über mich…
Wie neu die Welt geworden ist!
Ich halte den Atem an..
Sage das Wort du
Die Blumen betrachten
Auf meiner Hand…
Ein weisser Vollmond….
Publisher: NB noter     

3 dikt av Sigbjørn Obstfelder (baritone)
Publisher: NB noter

Ragnar Søderlind (1945-)   

Tre sanger til tekster av Åse Marie Næsse (mezzo/baritone)
Publisher: NB noter

Ein gong
Legg ikkje ditt liv i mi hand
På botnen av alt

Fire sanger til tekster av Torgeir Rebolledo (baritone/mezzo)
Publisher: NB noter

Olav Anton Thommessen (1946-)  

Gratias Agimus (coloratura soprano)
Publisher: NB noter   

Gratias Agimus (soprano)

Publisher: NB noter

Veslemøy synsk (mezzo), text Arne Garborg
Publisher: NB noter

Bjørn Kruse (1946-)

Altra Risposta (mezzo), text Quasimodo
Publisher: NB noter

På spor etter dikt (mezzo), texts from Chinese Poetry
Publisher: NB noter

Lasse Thoresen (1949-)

Three songs with texts by Roger White op.32
Publisher: Pizzicato

The true brother
The song of Khadijh- Bagum
Inscription for the head of a pin

Ewa Serafin (1955-)

Kabir´s song (baritone), text Kabir Tagore

Publisher: NB noter

In the holy pools I laugh when I hear Swan, I’d like you to tell me
Listen friend
Inside this clay jug

Kjell Habbestad (1955-)

14 Ibsensanger, baryton
Publisher: NB noter

Med en vandlilje
Jeg vil ut
Bjerken spretter
Se som tusen seiersfaner
Digterens vise
En svane
Fugl og fuglefænger
De sad der de to
I natten
Måneskinnsvandring etter et ball

Henrik Ødegaard (1955-)   

Three Blake Songs
Publisher: Norsk Musikforlag

The Lamb
The Tiger
A Cradle Song

Rolf Wallin (1957-)

Drei Gedichte von Rilke
Publisher: Chester Music

Buddha in der Glorie

Ståle Kleiberg (1958-)

Three Shakespeare Sonnets (soprano)
Publisher: Norsk Musikforlag

Sonnet no 60: Like as the waves….
Sonnet no 30: When to the sessions….
Sonnet no 33: Full many a glorious….

Wolfgang Plagge (1960-)   

Ibsen songs (baritone)
Publisher: NB noter

Et vers
Måneskinnsvandring etter et ball
I en komponists stambok

Asbjørn Schaathun (1961-)  

Publisher: Wilhelm Hansen

Texts Pablo Neruda/ Fernando Pessoa

Gisle Kverndokk (1967-)      

To sanger til tekster av Magli Elster

Publisher: NB noter
Innelukket i sekundet

Per Magnus Lindborg (1968-)  

Solomon Songs, tenor

Texts from the Bible
Publisher: NB noter

My lover spoke, and said to me
Set me as a seal upon your heart

Henrik Hellstenius (1963-)  

Lyd-en lyd
Publisher: NB noter

Text Axel/Henrik Hellstenius

Kaare Dyvik Huseby (1969-)   

Publisher: NB noter

Text Ketil Gjessing

Lene Grenager (1969-)

Drei Goethe-lieder
Publisher: NB noter

Wandrers Nachtlied
Wandrers Nachtlied (Über alle Gipfeln)

Maja S. Ratkje (1973-)   

Hvil, mezzo
Publisher: NB noter

Text Aasne Linnestå

About the Competition


1st Prize: € 50 000
2nd Prize: € 10 000
3rd Prize: € 5 000
Two Finalist Prizes: € 1 500
Prize for best performance of Norwegian music: € 1 500
The Ingrid Bjoner Scholarship (awarded to the best Norwegian participant): NOK 100 000

The 1st Prize winner will receive a diploma and original artwork made by H.M. Queen Sonja.

The 2nd and 3rd Prize winners will receive a diploma with a print of H.M. Queen Sonja’s original artwork.


Many previous prizewinners have been offered engagements with leading Norwegian musical institutions. Furthermore, international agents, artist managers, casting directors, orchestral programme managers and other music industry representatives are present during the final stages of the Competition.

Previous participants have received concert engagements with the following Norwegian institutions:
The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet
Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
The Norwegian Radio Orchestra
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Stavanger Symphony Orchestra
Trondheim Symphony Orchestra
Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra
Arctic Philharmonic
Bergen International Festival
Trondheim Chamber Music Festival
Elverum Festival
Bergen National Opera

Prizewinners’ career development

The Queen Sonja International Music Competition’s main goal is to assist the career development of talented young singers. Since the beginning, the aims of the Competition have included creating an international arena for music in Norway, which could showcase young musicians and give them an opportunity to be assessed at an international level. The Competition has indeed acted as a stepping-stone for many of our prizewinners’ careers on the opera stage. Many of them have also established successful careers as soloists in recital with orchestras and in other arenas. Read more about our prizewinners’ careers by clicking on the names below. The information is taken from operabase.com.

Seungju Bahg (tenor, South Korea), First Prize winner
Giovanni Sebastiano Sala (tenor, Italy), Second Prize winner
Alexander Roslavets (bass, Belarus), Third Prize winner
Ruslana Koval (soprano, Ukraine), Finalist Prize winner
Pavel Petrov (tenor, Belarus), Finalist Prize winner2015
Lise Davidsen (soprano, Norway), First Prize winner
Elsa Dreisig (soprano, France), Second Prize winner
Yuriy Yurchuk (baritone, Ukraine), Third Prize winner
Leon Kosavic (baritone, Croatia), Finalist Prize winner
Alexey Lavrov (baritone, Russia), Finalist Prize winner2013
Kristina Mkhitaryan (soprano, Russia), First Prize winner
Andrew Stenson (tenor, USA), Second Prize winner
Mélissa Petit (soprano, France), Third Prize winner
Hamida M. Kristofferen (soprano, Norway), Finalist Prize winner2011
Dong-Hwan Lee (baritone, South Korea), First Prize winner
Ingeborg Gillebo (mezzo-soprano, Norway), Second Prize winner
Uliana Alexyuk (soprano, Ukraine), Third Prize winner
Kateryna Kasper (soprano, Ukraine), Finalist Prize winner2009
Seung-Gi Jung (baritone, South Korea), First Prize winner
Jacquelyn Wagner (soprano, USA), Second Prize winner
Adrian Angelico (mezzo-soprano, Norway), Finalist Prize winner
Katharina Persicke (soprano, Germany), Finalist Prize winner
Nadine Sierra (soprano, USA), Finalist Prize winner2007
Audun Iversen (baritone, Norway), First Prize winner
Anita Watson (soprano, Australia), Second Prize winner
Nina M. Gravrok (soprano, Norway), Third Prize winner
Mari Eriksmoen (soprano, Norway), Finalist Prize winner
Erika Roos (soprano, Sweden), Finalist Prize winner2005
Daniel Behle (tenor, Germany), First Prize winner
Peter McGillivray (baritone, Canada), Second Prize winner
In-Sung Sim (bass, Korea), Third Prize winner

Olga Mykytenko (soprano, Ukraine), First Prize winner
Measha Brueggergosman (soprano, Canada), Second Prize winner
Vladimir Baykov (bass, Russia), Third Prize winner

Marita Kvarving Sølberg (soprano, Norway), First Prize winner
Galina Sidorenko (mezzo-soprano, Russia), Second Prize winner
Yorck Felix Speer (bass-baritone, Germany), Third Prize winner

Virginia Tola (soprano, Argentina), First Prize winner
Oana Andra (mezzo-soprano, Romania), Second Prize winner
Ayk Martirossian (bass, Armenia), Third Prize winner
Helene Ranada (mezzo-soprano, Sweden), Finalist Prize winner

Liao Changyong (baritone, China), First Prize winner
Valentina Kutzarova (mezzo-soprano, Bulgaria), Second Prize winner
Ofelia Sala (soprano, Spain), Third Prize winner

Akie Amou (soprano, Japan), First Prize winner
Tigran Martirossian (bass, Armenia), Second Prize winner
Deng-Feng Zhao (tenor, China), Third Prize winner
Annette Seiltgen (mezzo-soprano, Germany), Finalist Prize winner
Melanie Diener (soprano, Germany), Finalist Prize winner

1992 (piano)
Simone Pedroni (Italia), Førsteprisvinner
Folke Nauta (Nederland), Andreprisvinner
Sigurd Slåttebrekk (Norge), Tredjeprisvinner
Victor Lyadov (Russland), Finalistprisvinner
Francesco Libetta (Italia), Finalistprisvinner

1988 (piano)
Nigel Hill (Storbritannia), Førsteprisvinner
Jeffrey Biegel (USA), Andreprisvinner
Sergey Schepkin (Russland), Tredjeprisvinner
Eckhart Heiligers (Tyskland), Finalistprisvinner

Partners and contributors


The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet
Norwegian Academy of Music
The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK)
The Royal Court
The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Oslo National Academy of the Arts
Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

Collaborating Young Artist Programmes

The Queen Sonja International Music Competition collaborates with the following international opera companies’ young artist programmes:

Each of the young artist programmes nominate up to 3 of their best singers to the competition. The nominated singers are invited directly to the preliminary rounds in Oslo.


Anders Sveaas’ Almennyttige Fond
Canica AS
The City of Oslo
Eckbos Legater
Formuesforvaltning AS
Ingrid Bjoner’s Scholarship
Lucy Høeghs Stiftelse
Stiftelsen Sat Sapienti
The Norwegian Ministry of Culture
The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


The Queen Sonja International Music Competition

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0164 Oslo
+47 22 99 21 05
+47 22 99 21 01 (fax)