YSAYE Senior 2022 International Music Competition

Дедлайн: 15/05/2022
Місце проведення: Льєж, Бельгія
Дисципліни: Cкрипка Фортепіано
З: 04/07/2022 До: 09/07/2022
Обмеження за віком: до 33

Eugene Ysaÿe is considered as one of the greatest musicians of all time. His compositions, mainly dedicated to the violin, reveal his great understanding of the instrument. The connection between melody and harmony in his works proves his incredible composing skills. 

In memory of Eugene Ysaÿe, Elena Lavrenov and Ashot Khachatourian created a high level competition for young musicians. Their goal is to develop culture and provide an opportunity for musicians from all around the world to showcase their talent. 

Application rules:

Each musician willing to participate in the YSAYE Senior International Music Competition 2022 must fill and send the following application form (link or QR code) :

A Swisstransfer link (www.swisstransfer.com ) will be asked in the application form for the following documents :

Preselection video
Artistic picture
Copy of valid passport or ID card
Proof of payment of application fee

The application form must be sent before May 15th , 2022 deadline.

The preselection video recordings will help the jury select candidates for the SEMIFINAL Round of the competition. The names of the semifinalists will be published on the website on June 1st, 2022. 

Each piece must be recorded in a single take.
Cuts between movements of a same piece are not permitted.
The camera must be fixed and placed in front of the musician(s) with clear visibility of the hands, instrument and body.
The video must be recorded for the YIMC competition 2022.
Video recordings from live concerts are not accepted.
The video recordings should be of good quality, recent and can be done at any location of the participants choosing.
For all soloist participants at all levels of the competition, the program must be performed by memory Except for : – the violin sonatas with piano accompaniment
– the compulsory pieces for violin or piano.
At the beginning of the video, LAST NAME (in capital letters) and First Name (in small letters) and complete program (piece, composer, opus,…) should be written at the beginning of each piece or at the beginning of the video.
The sound may not be edited or changed.
Participants who do not respect the rules will be disqualified.

All videos must be uploaded via www.swisstransfer.com and the link sent with the other documents on the application
form (https://miniurl.be/r-3z4s) by May 15th, 2022.

Participation fee:

Piano / Violin – €120

*An additional fee apply for the candidate (pianist or violinist) who wishes to be accompanied by one of the competition’s official pianist accompanist. The additional fee is 80€ (payable after the preselection’s results, in June 2022) for 1 rehearsal, semifinal round and 1 rehearsal, final round. No refund will be made in case of absence or withdrawal of the participant. 

Registration fees are nonrefundable and must be paid with bank fees charges included to the following account before the registration deadline (Sunday May 15th , 2022) : 

Name of account La Vraie Note
Name of bank Belfius BANK
Bank Address Place Charles Rogier 11 – 1210 Bruxelles, BELGIUM
IBAN BE12 0682 2771 4092
YIMC SENIOR 2022 + Soloist’s LAST NAME, First name, Piano / Violin
(select the instrument)

1st Prize: €3000
2nd Prize: €1000
3rd Prize: €500 

PIANO repertoire:
Preselection Video:
Each pianist will perform a recital not to exceed 15 minutes in length:
a) One J.S.Bach Prelude and Fugue.
b) One free choice etude. 

Each pianist will perform a recital not to exceed 30 minutes in length.
a) The repertoire will consist of works chosen by the pianist.
b) A compulsory piece written for the competition (will be published on June 1st 2022). Pieces from the preselection may not be repeated. 

a) A virtuoso piece of own choice.
b) First movement of a sonata by J. Haydn, L. Van Beethoven or F. Schubert.
c) First movement of one of the following piano concertos with piano accompaniment:
W. A. Mozart: No. 9 K.271, No.15 K.450, No.20 K.466, No.21 K.467, No.22 K.482, No.23 K.488, No.27 K.595
L. Van Beethoven: No.3 op.37, No.4 op.58, No.5 op.73
F. Chopin: No.1 op.11, No.2 op.21, Variations on Là ci darem la mano op.2
E. Grieg: Piano concerto op.16
F. Liszt: No.1 S.124, No.2 S. 125
C. Saint-Saëns: No.2 op.22, No.5 op.103
R. Schumann: Piano Concerto op. 54
J. Brahms: No.1 op. 15, No.2 op. 83
S. Prokofiev : No.1 op. 10, No.2 op. 16, No.3 op. 26
S. Rachmaninoff: No.1 op. 1, No.2 op. 18, No.3 op. 30
P. Tchaikovsky: No.1 op. 23 

VIOLIN repertoire:
Preselection Video:
a) 2 movements, one slow and one fast, from one of the 3 Sonatas of J. S. Bach or Ciaccona from partita n°2 (S.1004) without repeats.
b) One Caprice for solo violin of N. Paganini op.1. 

a) One Caprice for solo violin by N. Paganini op.1. (different caprice from preselection round).
b) A virtuoso piece of own choice by E. Chausson, J. Hubay, F. Kreisler, E. Zimbalist, N. Paganini, M. Ravel, C. Saint- Saens, P. de Sarasate, P. Tchaikovsky, F. Waxman, H. Wieniawski or E. Ysaye.
c) First movement of a W. A. Mozart’s Concerto chosen from following: K.216, K.218, K.219 with cadenza and with piano accompaniment.
d) A compulsory piece written for the competition (will be published on June 1st 2022). Pieces from the preselection may not be repeated. 

a) First movement of a sonata by L. Van Beethoven, F. Schubert or J. Brahms.
b) A Sonata for solo violin by E. Ysaye.
c) First movement of one of the following violin concertos with piano accompaniment : L. Van Beethoven, J. Brahms, M. Bruch, A. Dvorak, F. Mendelssohn, N. Paganini, C. Saint- Saens, J. Sibelius, P. Tchaikovsky or H. Wieniawski (n°1), A. Khachaturian, D. Schostakovich*. 

*For Schostakovich n°1, only the 2nd movement must be played instead of 1st.

NB: All works must be performed by memory, except for the compulsory work and sonatas
with piano.