Founder Tatiana Verevska

My personal mission is to support young musicians. Having spent many hours of my childhood and youth at music school, I am a strong believer in Ukrainian musical education, the creative power and force of the new generation of young musicians. Ukraine has a host of wonderful, hard-working and talented artists with great ambition and self-confidence. It is a great honor for me personally and for the Fund to give gifted musicians a platform to gain national and international exposure and recognition to help them realize their talents and succeed at the highest level worldwide.

Fund Mission

We would like Ukraine to establish a strong presence on the International music scene and for talented Ukrainian musicians to enjoy worldwide recognition.

VERE MUSIC FUND was founded by Tatiana Verevska in 2017. The Fund provides young Ukrainian musicians with grants to participate in international competitions and master classes, supports classical music competitions in Ukraine, and also implements festival projects and educational initiatives.

Our Fund is a non-profit organization. We operate with minimal administrative costs, flexible rules and a unique personalized approach to each musician.