34th Smetana International Piano Competition

Deadline: 31/08/2020
Location: Plzen, Czech Republic
Disciplines: Piano
From: 03/11/2020 To: 09/11/2020
Age limit: under 30

Conditions for participation

Age Limit and Competition Categories

The competition is divided into three categories and is open to Czech and foreign pianists who:

  • a) comply with the age limit of 16 years for the First category (born in 2004 and later)
    The competition of the First category consists of one round.
  • b) comply with the age limit of 20 years for the Second category (born in 2000 and later)
    The competition of the Second category consists of two rounds.
  • c) comply with the age limit of 30 years for the Third category (born in 1990 and later)
    The competition of the Third category consists of three rounds.
    In the Third category the Jury will select only four contestants to compete in the third round (the Finals).
    In the Finals of the Third category, the competitors will be accompanied by the Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra.

Dates and Place of the Competition

The 34th SMETANA INTERNATIONAL PIANO COMPETITION will be held in Plzeň, Czech Republic, between 3 – 9 November, 2020.

The competition will take place in the concert hall of the Conservatory of Plzen. The third round of the Third category will take place in the Great Hall of the City Ballroom.

Other Competition Regulations

  • All works in all competition rounds must be performed from memory.
  • The order of the works performed in individual rounds is the competitors´ free choice with the exception of the free chosen composition.
  • The composition of a free choice of candidate must be played as the last one in every round of the Competition.
  • The competition performances are open to members of the public.
  • Any change in the competitors repertoir can be announced to the organizer of the Competition until 30 September, 2020 in a written way or using an e-mail. It is not possible to change the repertoir after this date.
  • In the event that any radio or TV broadcast or recodings of the competition performances be made, these are at the Organiser´s disposal and shall serve to promote the Competition. In the event of any commercial use of any recording, this will be the subject of further negotiations.


Each applicant must:

1) fill in an application form by 31 August, 2020.
2) enclose an entry fee until 31 August, 2020.

The entry fee for foreign participants in the Competition amounts to 60 EUR (entry fee is non-reversible)

The entry fee should be credited to the following account number:
IBAN: CZ71 0800 0000 0019 7254 3223

The following documents should be attached to the application form (for foreign participants):
– an electronic copy of the applicant´s passport, stating the applicant´s name, date of birth and passport number
– a portrait photograph of the applicant in an image file format required in the on-line application form

The organiser will acknowledge the receipt and acceptance of applications and confirm applicant´s participant by 15 September, 2020.


The time limit of the entire performance is 20 minutes.
A shorter performing time of B. Smetana´s works will result in the disqualification of the competitor.
The composition of a free choice of candidate must be played as the last one.
Every category will perform a different programme.

To know the programme of every category, visit this link.