Kyiv Baroque Fest: Les Rêveurs / The Dreamers. Baroque Workshop

⚡️ November 16, 6 pm – MUSIC HUB (Kyiv, St. Malopidvalna, 21/8).

ENTRANCE BY INVITATION. Registration of listeners:

Kyiv Baroque Fest: Les Rêveurs / The Dreamers

French overture 2023

🎶 Baroque Workshop: a concert of ancient and contemporary harpsichord music with the participation of alumni, interns, and students of the Harpsichord major and electives.

The concert will be followed by a discussion on the topic “What does the harpsichord and ancient music change in a musician’s life?”

Participants of the project:

Paola Prokopenko, Marharyta Vetrova, Anastasia Skryabina, Dmytro Shevchenko, Daria Kryvushyna, Vladyslav Abelmas, Mark Ivanitskyi, Tymish Melnyk, Oleksandr Oliynyk, Maksym Poplinskyi, Olesya Melnytska, Tymofii Iliukhin, Maryna Hordiienko, and Oleksandr Chornyi.

📌 Mandatory registration in the google form at the link: We will try to invite as many registered listeners as possible.

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MUSIC HUB is a space for young musicians and listeners, created by the VERE MUSIC FUND foundation. It combines the upper hall with 100 seats – for concerts, recordings, master classes, lectures, etc., as well as the lower rehearsal hall. His address is Kyiv, Malopidvalna Street, 21/8.

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