Hindemith / Dutilleux: sonatas. Stepan Syvokhip (oboe, English horn), Iryna Berchuk (piano)

⚡️ April 10, 7 pm – MUSIC HUB (Kyiv, 21/8 Malopidvalna St.).
ENTRANCE BY INVITATION. Registration link: https://forms.gle/Lscawa9uM531cUMe8.

🎶 Program:

Paul Hindemith
Sonata for oboe and piano (1938).

I. Munter.
II. Sehr langsam. Lebhaft.

Paul Hindemith
Sonata for English horn and piano (1941).

I. Langsam (nicht schnell).
II. Allegro pesante.
III. Moderato.
IV. Scherzo, schnell.
V. Moderato.
VI. Allegro pesante.

Henri Dutilleux
Sonata for piano (1947–48). Dedication to Geneviève Joy.

I. Allegro con moto.
II. Lied.
III. Choral et variations.

Henri Dutilleux
Sonata for oboe and piano (1947). Dedication to the professor of the Paris National Conservatory Pierre Bajeux.

I. Aria. Grave.
II. Scherzo. Vif.
III. Final. Assez allant.

Stepan Syvokhip (oboe, English horn)
Iryna Berchuk (piano)

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MUSIC HUB is a space for young musicians and listeners, created by the VERE MUSIC FUND foundation. It combines the upper hall with 100 seats – for concerts, recordings, master classes, lectures, etc., as well as the lower rehearsal hall. His address is Kyiv, Malopidvalna Street, 21/8.