Unknown Ukrainian Modernism: Yanovskyi / Yakymenko / Senytsia

⚡️ December 18, 6 pm – MUSIC HUB (Kyiv, Malopidvalna St., 21/8).

6 pm
A lecture by composer Oleksii Shmurak.

7 pm

ENTRY BY INVITATION. Registration link: https://forms.gle/qo8phvCnwU9SLcqd7.


Borys Yanovskyi
Ennui. Cinq mélopoésies / “Boredom”, five melopoems based on poems by Maurice Maeterlinck.

1. Ennui / Boredom (1903).
2. Ronde d’ennui / Circle of Boredom (1903).
3. Attente / Waiting (1903).
4. Reflets / Reflection (1903).
5. Et s’il revenait un jour. Mélodialogue / “And if he ever comes back”. Melodiologue (1906).

Borys Yanovskyi
“No Bullets to Spare”. Poems by Pavlo Usenko / Matvienko (1925).

Roman Melish (countertenor)
Tymish Melnyk (piano)

Pavlo Senytsia
“A Shepherd’s Song” (1916).
“A Girl’s Song” (1924).
“Pavlo Tychyna”, a musical portrait (1923).
“A Look, a Smile and a Movement” (1924).
“Once upon a time in the evening”, musical drawing (1915).
“A Song without Words” (1906).
“A Human Being”, two sketches (1918).

Tymish Melnyk (piano)

Fedir Yakymenko
Five sketches from the cycle “Pages de poésie fantasque” / “Pages of whimsical poetry” for piano (1908).
1. Rêve d’une source / “The Dream of the Source”.
2. Fantômes passagers / “Wandering Ghosts”.
3. Mirages fugitifs / “Fleeting mirages”.
4. Chanson des rayons de lune / “Song of Moonbeams”.
5. Paysages d’un monde inconnu / “Landscapes of an Unknown World”.

Pavlo Senytsia
“The Last Ray Faded”, poems by Meletii Kichura (1914).
“The Moon in Love with the Night”, poems by Oleksandr Oles (1912).
“Oh, there is no one to say a sincere word”, poems by Mykola Kovalenko (1912).
“I Have Not Prayed for a Long Time”, poems by Mykola Filianskyi (1912).
“House”, poems by N. Khlebnikova (1925).

Roman Melish (countertenor)
Tymish Melnyk (piano)
Oleksii Shmurak (curator)

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