Oleksii Shmurak: “The Dark Forest”. Tymish Melnyk (piano)

⚡️ January 15, 7 pm – MUSIC HUB (Kyiv, 21/8 Malopidvalna St.).
ENTRANCE BY INVITATION. Registration of listeners: https://forms.gle/YFYxYXVn3jed3EB97.

🎶 Program:

Oleksii Shmurak

“The Dark Forest” for piano (2022-23).

1. A man is a wolf to another man.
2. Balance.
3. Spring.
4. Darkness.
5. The Holy Grail.

Tymish Melnyk (piano)

“The Dark Forest” is the title of a novel by Chinese science fiction writer Liu Сixin. In his interpretation, contact between planetary civilizations is a long-term war of deception and destruction, a struggle for survival. The events of recent years have completely destroyed hopes for the peaceful coexistence of civilizations and the “melding” of ideologies. Once again in history, human life is only fuel for projects of unification, greatness, and domination.

Oleksii Shmurak’s work The Dark Forest reflects on the unempathetic, ruthless manic consistency, dehumanization in the political and media dimension of humanity; the crisis of the European cultural and ideological project; the flourishing of hypocrisy and xenophobia.

The Dark Forest is a work for piano in five movements with a total duration of 55 minutes. In terms of genre or style, the music resembles jazz, rock, and minimalism; the sound is dominated by a powerful physicality, and the cruel squareness alternates with evil asymmetrical patterns.

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