Ukrainian harps: classicism / romanticism / impressionism / neo-folklore / avant-garde / postmodernism

⚡️ August 23, 7 pm – MUSIC HUB (21/8 Malopidvalna str., Kyiv).

Entrance by invitation. Registration link:


Jan Ladislav Dusík

Duettino in C major (1802).

Maksym Berezovskyi

Sonata in C major, arranged by Marek Toporowski (1772).

Early 20th century – culture and politics: romanticism, impressionism, neo-folklore

Marcel Tournier

“Feerie” (1912).

Mykola Lysenko

“A Moment of Despair” (1901).

Vasyl Barvinskyi

“Thought” (1925).

Jean-Michel Damas

Sicilienne Variee (1966).

Mykola Kolessa

Kolomyika (1959).

The late 20th century and the Fall of the Iron Curtain: The Avant-Garde

Jacques Charpentrea

“Dance of King David” (1996).

Hennadiy Liashenko

“Counterpoints (1992).

Postmodernism: Ukrainian harp music today

Borislav Stronko

“Dreams of a Sad Mermaid” (2012).

Yevhen Andreev

“Patterns” (2021).

Valerii Antoniuk

“Garden of Birds of Paradise” (2015-2022).

Yevhen Andreev

“Verkhovynka” (2020).

Veronika Lemishenko, Oleksandra Akhrimenko, Anna Voronova (harp)

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MUSIC HUB is a space for young musicians and listeners, created by the VERE MUSIC FUND foundation. It combines the upper hall with 100 seats – for concerts, recordings, master classes, lectures, etc., as well as the lower rehearsal hall. His address is Kyiv, Malopidvalna Street, 21/8.