VERE MUSIC ACADEMY: Master-class by Veronika Lemishenko (harp)

⚡️ March 29, from 10 am till 2 pm.
VERE MUSIC HUB, 21/8 Malopidvalna str., Kyiv.

The open master class is held as part of the VERE MUSIC ACADEMY 2024 program.

🎶 Active participation is free of charge. Selection will be based on videos. The video must be recorded after September 1, 2022. To apply for participation in the master class, please send the following information to by 12:00 on Thursday, March 28:

* Name.

* Surname.

* Date of birth (day, month, year).

* Where are you studying (educational institution, city, country).

* Grade / course.

* Teacher(s).

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* Facebook page / Professional Facebook page (if any).

* The repertoire you would like to work on during the master class.

* Please add a few of your videos (YouTube links only) made after September 1, 2022. The videos do not have to illustrate the repertoire to be worked on at the master class – it can be any other piece.

* Please add your creative biography.

The number of musicians who will take an active part in the master class will be determined by the teacher.

📌 Passive participation is free. Entrance is free. Registration for listeners is available at the link –

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Veronika Lemishenko (harp)

She has won international competitions in Europe and Asia. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the World Harp Congress (WHC) and the European Union of Music Competitions for Youth (EMCY). Co-founder of the Veronika Lemishenko Charitable Foundation.

Veronika is an art director and co-founder of the International Harp Competition-Festival “Glowing Harp” (Kharkiv). The competition, which was founded in 2014, is one of the four Ukrainian competitions that are part of EMCY.

She is a performer with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine and the Croatian National Opera Orchestra.

She has been an invited soloist at many international festivals, including La Folle Journee, Camac Festival (France), HarpMasters Festspiele (Switzerland), Lisboa Harp Seminar (Portugal), Arpa Viggianes (Italy), Widwest TN Harpfest (USA).

She has performed in such venues as the Royal Academy of Music (UK), Esplanade (Singapore), and as a member of orchestras such as the Vienna Konzerthaus (Austria), Berliner Philharmoniker (Germany), Paris Philharmonic (France), Teatro La Fenice (Italy), Rudolfinum (Czech Republic), etc.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Veronika has been organizing charity concerts and master classes, the proceeds of which the Veronika Lemishenko Charitable Foundation donates to the needs of the Armed Forces, volunteers, hospitals, and animal shelters.