Young Ukrainian musicians in the project Not Mozart Alone! within the LvivMozArt 2017


Not Mozart alone! is a special project within the LvivMozArt festival presented by Lviv National Music Academy, Arts Academy in Ukraine and VERE MUSIC FUND. Young Ukrainian musicians supported by the Fund will perform the works of Franz Xaver Mozart. The majority of them have never been performed in Ukraine before. The first part of the concert will feature a Violin Sonata in F major along with some of Lviv Mozart’s Piano Miniatures. The second part will include sonatas by Haydn and Beethoven. Therefore, the audience will be able to discover and appreciate the works of the younger son of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart out of the shadows of his great father and alongside Viennese classics.

The concert will take place in the Lviv Music Academy Hall which was established thanks to the educational and public activity of Franz Xaver Mozart.

Works of Franz Xaver Mozart:

Piano Variations of Ukrainian folk song “The neighbour has a white house” in D minor (opus 18).

Four Dances for piano: March (1809), Landler (1810), two German Dances (1812).

Violin Sonata in F major (opus 15).

Piano Variations on an unknown theme in G major (opus 13).

Piano Variations on a minuet from the finale of Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (opus 2).

Final version of Rondo in F major by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for piano (1802).

Joseph Haydn, Piano Sonata in A major.

Joseph Haydn, Piano Sonata in D major.

Joseph Haydn, Piano Sonata in G major.

Ludwig van Beethoven, Piano Sonata No. 22.

Ludwig van Beethoven, Piano Sonata No. 30.

Soloists: Antoniy Baryshevskyi (Ukraine) – piano, Stanislav Huminiuk (Ukraine) – piano, Oleksiy Kanke (Ukraine-Austria) – piano, Antuanetta Mishchenko (Ukraine) – piano, Vira Symych (Ukraine) – violin, Kostiantyn Tovstukha (Ukraine-Italy) – piano

Special guest: Yozef Örmeny (Ukraine) – piano.