VERE MUSIC ACADEMY is going to open in Kyiv on October 12, 2019


2019 VERE MUSIC ACADEMY Schedule –

A permanent program of master classes is a new direction for VERE MUSIC FUND. It will help Ukrainian performers gain access to the best educational practices that previously required a lot of time, effort and money. Now they would have an opportunity to attend master classes of famous world-class educators and musicians, without leaving Ukraine. It will also be absolutely free.

In addition, the VERE MUSIC ACADEMY program will feature one-day master classes from renowned worldwide recognized Ukrainian musicians. When they come to perform in Ukraine, they will allocate one day in their schedule to work with Ukrainian students.

We will take off with “a double strike” )) We will host master classes for violinists and cellists led by professors Boris Garlitsky (Paris, Essen) and Leonid Gorokhov (Hanover) on October 12 -14. These master classes will take place sequentially at the Kyiv House of Scientists (45A, Volodymyrska St.). Therefore, the participants will have the opportunity to attend the classes of both professors.

On October 13, Boris Garlitsky and Leonid Gorokhov will meet with students and teachers of music schools and academies on the first day of the master class. They will talk about how musicians should build their life, what and why they teach in music academies abroad, and why they should try to get in. The meeting will start at 6 pm at the Dialog hub in Kyiv (43, Vlolodymyrska St.).

And on October 14, we will host a meeting at the Dialog hub, at 6 pm with students of Boris Garlitsky and Leonid Gorokhov in Essen and Hanover, who are currently studying or already working in Europe. Violinists Dmytro Udovychenko, Bohdan Shalyga, Oleh Kurochkin, and cellist Aleksey Shadrin will share their experiences of studying abroad, participating in international competitions and master classes, and will explain the point of all that. This meeting will begin with a concert of violinist Dmytro Udovychenko, who will perform the program prepared for Oleh Krysa Competition in Lviv.

On October 15, at 7 pm, a concert of teachers who will host these master classes, their students, as well as individual participants of the master class will take place in the Ukrainian Radio Recording House (5B, Leonid Pervomaisky St.).

On December 8, a series of one-day master classes from Ukrainian musicians who already have international recognition will start. Help young people find music within themselves and find themselves in music is a true mission of the experienced musicians. Brilliant pianist Stanislav Khristenko will lead the first master class. The master classes of the following musicians are planned for 2020: Antoniy Baryshevskyi (piano), Andrei Bondarenko (baritone), Oleksiy Hryniuk (piano), Oksana Lyniv (conductor), Aleksey Semenenko (violin), Valeriy Sokolov (violin) and Oleksiy Shadrin (violin).

The next master class, scheduled for 2020, will be led by Milana Chernayvska (piano), the professor of the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz and the International Music Academy in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

All master classes, whenever possible, will be followed by Q&A sessions with musicians, as well as the exchange of opinions and impressions. The project is being implemented in partnership with UKR Artists.

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