Yaroslav Vodovozov

Yaroslav Vodovozov was born into a family of musicians. He started studying flute at the Mykola Lysenko Specialized Music Boarding School in Kyiv, in the class of Ihor Yermak and Olena Dymytrova. He is currently studying at the Kyiv Glier Institute of Music in the class of Anna Kuzmenko.

He is a winner of more than two dozen international and national competitions. Here aresome of them: 1st Prize at the I Vin Venti Open Wind Instrument Competition, Vinnitsa, 2016; 1st Prize at the IV International Competition for Young Musicians “Podilskyi Vodograi”(Vinnitsa, 2016); 1st Prize at the Classic Meridian Competition (Kyiv, 2016); 1st Prize at the All-Ukrainian Wind and Percussion Musicians Competition in Memory of Mykola Timokha (Kyiv, 2017); 1st Prize at the VII International Competition of Wind and Percussion Musicians “Surmy Bukovyny” (Chernivtsi, 2017); 2nd Prize at the Stankovich International Competition (Kyiv, 2017); 3rd Prize of the International Association of Art “The Muse”; 2ndPrize of the International Internet Music Competition ENKOR-2017; 1st Prize in the Yuri Dolzhikov International Internet Competition, 2017; 1st Prize at the International Internet Music Competition “IMKA”; Diploma d’Onore at the International Music Prize “Gaetano Zinetti” (Italy, 2017); 3rd Prize at the II All-Ukrainian Competition for Young Woodwind Musicians in Honor of Professor Kalio Mülberg (Odessa, 2017); Grand Prix at the IARTLIKEFEST International Competition-Festival (Kyiv, 2018); 1st Prize and the Audience Award at the IX International Internet Competitions “My Favorite Flute”, 2018; 1st Prize at the International Colors of Music Festival, 2018; 1st Prize at the All-Ukrainian Music Olympiad 2018; 2nd Prize at the I International Wind Instrument Competition of Volodymyr Antoniv and Myron Zakopets in Lviv, 2018; 2nd Prize at the International Internet Music Competition ENKOR-2018; 1st Prize at the III International Flutist Competition (Bulgaria, 2018); 1st Prize at the I International Young Flutist Competition, (Germany, 2018); 2nd Prize and “Rizing Star” Diploma at the Eugene Magalif Flute Concerto International Competition (USA, 2018); 2nd Prize at the IX International Competition of Flute Ensembles “A Travers la Flute” (France, 2019).

Yaroslav performs as a soloist, and with orchestras, in particular with the National Soloist Ensemble “Kievan Camerata” directed by Valeryi Matyukhin, and the Chamber Orchestra “Antonio-orchestra” directed by Anton Paisov. He participated in “The Flute Days Munich 2019” (Germany).

Yaroslav participates in master classes of famous flutists such as, Barbara Svyatek-Zhelyazny, Maria Semotyuk, Zoya Vyazovska, Sibel Pensel, Matthew Gauchi-Ancelin, Anna-Maria Ribiero, Carolyn Debon, Maurizio Lazano, Andrea Liberknecht, Sarah Louvion, Felix Rengley, Sylvia Careddu.

VERE MUSIC FUND supports Yaroslav by providing him with a grant.

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