Franz Xaver Mozart at the Book Arsenal Festival 2019: #МоцартНаш

Young Ukrainian musicians supported by the VERE MUSIC FUND are playing music by Franz Xaver Mozart. This composer is one of the most symbolic figures that connects us with Europe. This evening in Kyiv, for the first time in almost 200 years after the Kyiv concert performed by Mozart of Lviv himself, his pieces for piano, violin, cello, flute, and vocal miniatures will be performed.

He was 17 when he left his native Vienna for the backyard of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to earn money and assert himself as a musician. And he accomplished just that. Although the shadow of his brilliant father hovered over him all his life. He never managed to get away from that shadow. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (son) was the way his name was written on the posters and covers. 30 out of 53 years of his life Mozart’s youngest son spent in Ukraine. This fact has been forgotten for a while. But today it’s time for us to remember that #моцартнаш!

The concert will take place within the framework of the Musical Program “Imaginary Dances” by curator Lyubov Morozova at the Book Arsenal 2019.

The project participants are: pianists Antonii Baryshevskyi, Oleksandr Leonov, Kateryna Khomiakova, Kostiantyn Tovstukha, Maksym Shadko, Antuanetta Mishchenko, Stanislav Guminiuk, Roman Lopatynskyi, flutist Yaroslav Vodovozov, violinist Oleksandra Khmara, and cellist Artem Poludennyi.


Final edition of Rondo in F Major for piano by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1802).
Antony Baryshevsky, piano

Rondo in E Minor for flute and piano.
Yaroslav Vodovozov, flute, Oleksandr Leonov, piano

Polonaise in B Minor from the cycle “Six Melancholy Polonaises”, Op. 17, No. 1.
Variations in C Major on a Waltz by Anton Diabelli, FXWM VII: 35 (1824).
Kateryna Khomiakova, piano

Violin Sonata in F Major, Op. 15.
Oleksandra Khmara, violin, Kostya Tovstukha, piano

Sonata for piano in G Major, Op. 10, second movement – Largo (1808).
Rondo in F Major, Op. 4 (1805).
Three pieces – Allegretto in F Major, Andantino in A Major and Allegretto in G Major (1841).
Max Shadko, piano


Four dances for a piano: March (1809), Ländler (1810), Two German dances (1812).
Antuanetta Mishchenko, piano

Variations for a piano on Menuet from the Don Giovanni finale by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Op. 2 (1805).
Stas Guminiuk, piano

Cello Sonata in G Major, Op. 19.
NotaBene Duo: Artem Poludennyi, cello, Roman Lopatynskyi, piano

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