Open Stage Day – February 2023

Open Stage Day – February 2023


⚡️ February 24. MUSIC HUB (Kyiv, 21/8 Malopidvalna St). Entrance by invitation.

📌 Participants need to register in the Google form

This is a new format for young musicians in VERE MUSIC HUB – an opportunity to express yourself for those who want to develop themselves and build their professional future and whom we can support on this path. We will be glad to get to know each other!

This format is open for students of music schools, lyceums, colleges, and vocational schools, for students, postgraduates or graduates of music academies and universities of arts.

Usually, such acquaintances took place during VERE MUSIC ACADEMY master classes or when considering new grant applications. But today the musical life in our country has changed. Therefore, we want to create new opportunities for those who will participate in our special projects in the future, who plan to attend master classes and participate in international competitions.

How will it be like?

To receive an invitation to participate in the Open Stage Day, you need to register in the Google form by providing information about yourself and your contacts, adding a creative biography and several of your recordings in the format of YouTube links made during the last year. These do not have to be concert or studio recordings – you can also send working recordings made in the classroom. Meanwhile, the pieces on the recordings and the pieces you want to perform at the audition do not have to be the same.

There are no restrictions. You can submit any number and any list of works for the performance. It is only necessary to indicate their timing.

We will choose a date every month – one day when the musicians we invited can come to VERE MUSIC HUB to show their program.

After that, we will contact those, who we are ready to invite, informing about the time of the audition. If you have a problem with the accompanist, please write about it – we will try to help.

Your teachers, parents, friends, or colleagues can come to the audition with you. There will be no free access – the number of invitees will be agreed with you in advance.

After your performance we will contact you to discuss your further plans. In addition, you will receive invitations to our concerts and other events directly to your email.

Let us reboot the music life in Ukraine together! The Open Stage Day format is exactly for this.

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