Illia Ovcharenko

He is studying at Mykola Lysenko Kyiv Secondary Special music school.

Principal teachers – class of Honored worker of the culture of Ukraine Nataliia Gridneva and Andrii Luniov.

Laureate and the winner of the special prize of the 11th International piano competition for young pianists in memory of Arthur Rubinstein 2017, Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Winner of the Junior Academy Eppan 2017, Eppan, Italy.

Absolute Winner of the Resonances International competition, Paris, France [Group up to 25], 2017.

Laureate and the winner of the special prize of the International piano competition Vladimir Horowitz [Intermediate group] (Kiev, Ukraine, 2016).

Laureate of the International “Amadeus” piano competition (Brno, Czech Republic, 2012).

Diploma winner of the International competition “Nutcracker”, (Moscow, Russia, 2013).

2nd prize of the International piano competition in memory of Tatiana Nikolaeva (Bryansk, Russia, 2011).

Laureate of the International competition “Rotary”, Moscow, Russia, 2013.

1st Prize of the National piano competition “Spring in Uvarov house” (Kyiv-Vorsel, Ukraine, 2016).

1st prize of the National Revutsky piano competition (Chernihiv, Ukraine, 2013).

1st prize of the National competition “Classical meridian” (Kyiv, Ukraine, 2009).

1st Prize of the national competition Chernihiv calls talents (Chernihiv, Ukraine, 2010).

1st prize of international Revutsky composer competition (Chernihiv, Ukraine, 2011).

Already at the 15, he gave a solo recital in National Philharmonic of Ukraine.

Illia Ovcharenko played in different music festivals. Among them International festivals by chamber ensembles in Poland, Czech, and Ukraine with Trio.

He got the certificate of ending Kyiv International summer music academy – 2016 where he studied in the class of Oleksiy Grinyuk (Great Britain).

He took masterclasses with famous pianists such as Andrea Bonnata (Italy), Pavel Nersessian (Russia-USA), Oleksiy Gryniyk (Great Britain), Boris Bloch (Germany), Arie Vard I (Israel).

He played with the best Ukrainian orchestras and played with different conductors of Ukraine, Italy, USA. Among them: Mykola Diadyura (Ukraine), Mykola Sukach (Ukraine), Volodymyr Sirenko (Ukraine), Volodymyr Shejko (Ukraine), Nicolo Giuliani (Italy), Dmitry Sitkovetsky (USA).

He has recordings on Ukrainian radio and TV.

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