The New Year and Christmas days are coming. There is a nice tradition to give presents to close people and friends in these days. So we did – a present is waiting for you!

This autumn 2017 we stayed for three days in Recording House of Ukrainian Radio to record young talented Ukrainian musicians. And to make these recordings of such a quality as never before in our country.

Not only we strive for help our musicians to be selected to participate in the most prestigious international competitions but also we offer Ukrainians to hear those who in the nearest years will be pride and glory of Ukraine. Some of them are still students. Others are studying and working abroad. But all of them are Ukrainians who build their music career, become a part of world music life and at the same time represent our country in the world.

13 musicians participated in the project: pianists Antonii Baryshevskyi, Stanislav Guminiuk, Oleksandr Leonov, Roman Lopatynskyi, Khrystyna Mykhailychenko, Antuanetta Mishchenko, Markiyan Popil, Kostya Tovstukha, Dmytro Choni, Diana Chubak, violinists Vira Symchych and Dmytro Udovychenko, mezzo-soprano Kseniia Nikolaieva.

In these festive days, we post the first video from the cycle of publications which will appear on our page with hashtag #YoungMusiciansUkraine. Today Antuanetta Mishchenko is playing Bach!

And here are several important and sincere words of gratitude. This recording would not have taken place if our musicians had not had the possibility to play on the best piano which is in Ukraine. We express our gratitude for this to Oleksandr Zlotnyk, Yuri Zilberman and Vsevolod Fainberg and R. Glier Kyiv Institute of Music! And certainly cordial gratitude to the head of Department of Culture of KCSA Diana Popova for her support and aspiration for perfection.

Thanks for taste in music and skill to Serge Krutsenko who helped to form the concept of the project and filmed this movie and also to Max Gladetsky who recorded all the music which you will near in the nearest weeks.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas dear friends-musicians!